Utility 2030 Meeting of the Collective Brain

August 28-29, 2022
The Beverly Hilton

It's Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Start Solving Real Problems

Designed by behavioral scientists at See Change—with today’s customer-centricity related challenges and opportunities at the forefront—the meeting will be exceptionally valuable and productive. Behavioral Scientists will:

  • Establish cultural conditions, rituals, and agreements—at the meeting’s onset—for constructive collaboration;
  • Help participants overcome any inertia or uncertainty;
  • Maximize a highly relevant agenda, developed by utility members, focusing on CX, New Products & Services, Workforce Development, and Infrastructure Modernization as they impact customer-centricity; and
  • Help shape the best ideas into plans.

Deep conversations and relationships flourish in small group settings, so participants will be broken into intimiate groups throughout the meeting.

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Your Digital + Cloud for Utilities Summit Bundle

To maximize your knowledge acquisition and travel investment, we are co-locating our meeting with Cloud for Utilities and the 2022 Digital + Cloud Summit. It will start on Monday, August 29, after the U2030 annual meeting concludes. 

The Digital + Cloud Summit will give you access to leading experts, regulators, executives, and innovators discussion cloud, cybersecurity, innovation, customer service, digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Press Release: Utility 2030 Collaborative Announces Partnership with Cloud for Utilities for the 2022 Digital + Cloud Summit

U2030 Meeting Topics

Transform customer experience into one that is simple, intuitive, and delightful.
Workforce Development
Develop leaders and teams who delight customers in everything they do.
Products & Services
Offer new, valuable products and services to increase retention and revenue.
Infrastructure Modernization
Infrastructure Modernization Prioritize needs of utility customers when making investment decisions.
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“We are partnering with Cloud for Utilities and co-locating our two events, ‘U2030 Meeting of the Collective Brain’ and ‘Digital+ Cloud Summit’ because first and foremost, they are exceptional at what they do. This means we can offer more value to a wider audience of utility professionals. More opportunities to vet solutions and build relationships. Deep registration discounts through a bundled pricing package. The ability to travel to two events on one plane...

Our goal is to provide utilities with the knowledge and relationships to succeed at customer-centricity and we aim to do it in the most convenient and cost-effective ways possible. Partnering with Cloud for Utilities is helping us reach our goals.”

Vanessa Edmonds
Executive Director
Utility 2030 Collaborative

Planning Committee

Advanced Connections Quarterly

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