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We are a motivated group of utility leaders representing regulated utility companies in North America, their technology partners, and thought-leaders, motivated to build the utility company of 2030.

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Co-founder, Executive Director & Board Chair

Vanessa is a transformational technology go-to-market leader and consultant who defines works directly with utility company objectives, goals, opportunities, and challenges—current and future—and seeks best-fit solutions in the form of people, technology products and services, and programs.

In addition to co-founding and leading the Utility 2030 Collaborative, she provides go-to-market consulting for technology companies through a firm she founded, Appos Advisors.

Prior to her current roles, she successfully built RIM Solutions, an industry research and marketing firm, the research practices of TMG Consulting and TMG’s Annual Summit, and was a ground floor contributor to building the Western Energy Institutes Women in Energy Program.

She co-founded the Utility 2030 Collaborative because bringing people into relationships to solve problems is her passion.

Operations & Advisory Committee Chair

Christina is a successful utility and energy marketing executive that has delivered measurable value in the regulated and deregulated market. A highly motivated and results-driven visionary, she establishes relationships with key business executives and creates operational structure around the comprehensive, and full-scale product marketing and brand awareness strategies, programs and events she develops.

Christina applies her more than 15 years of experience in marketing, marketing and sales operations, and sales to her role leading operations and serving as the Advisory Committee Chairperson for the Utility 2030 Collaborative. In addition to the Collaborative, she is a partner and advisor for Appos Advisors who serves as the firm’s COO. She is also a Board Member for Energy Marketing Conferences, an event company that attracts more than 600 deregulated energy professionals and vendor sponsors to its’ events.

She was a ground floor evangelist and builder of the Utility 2030 Collaborative because she’s passionate about utility transformation goals, and recognizes that her ability to align people, processes, and deliverables is valuable to our success.

What Our Founding Members Have to Say

Personally and professionally, Utility 2030 Collaborative really gives us a chance to tackle some of the important challenges facing utilities as we look ahead to the future, like what makes a modern utility customer experience, how can we simplify the complexities of technology “as-a-service” options, and what core principles for utilities to really put their customer’s interests at the center of their businesses. No industry overcomes those challenges in isolation, so finding a synthesis of best practices from an array of industries together with utility executives leaning in on the challenges makes Utility 2030 a great standard bearer for those future innovations.

Mark Wilkinson


With pressure coming from consumers , regulators and shareholders, utilities are at a crossroad forcing them to reassess their business model to identify ways to remain competitive. The future is a digital utility but where do you start ? Agility , rapid decision making , and continuous improvements are the new way of life but are all scary words to the traditional utility. At Utility 2030 our goal is to build out the methodology , roadmap and digital execution guide to remove the fear of change and allow any utility to take the steps to become a digital utility.

Bashir Bseirani


The Utility 2030 Collaborative’s core focus is to emphatically (and finally) put the customer at the center of the energy utility’s universe. The Collaborative is made up of committed utilities and energy partners that have this customer centric focus. Our approach is to apply best practices and successes from inside and outside our industry to align with the critical/core goals of just about every utility.  Through the Collaborative’s focus on the customer, their needs, and our connection to them, I believe that we can do more to advance our industry in the next 10 years than has been accomplished in the last 5 decades.

Dave Reim


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