Built by Utilities for Utilities

When the Utility 2030 Collaborative was announced to the market in January 2021, the strategy was to build a “for utilities, by utilities” organization. This started by forming a board of directors made up of transformational utility executives and engaging them in conversations about what they needed to advance transformation goals that wasn’t currently available. That’s when a modern hybrid of co-creation and crowdsourcing models started to take shape.  

From there, an advisory committee was assembled. It is made up of promising utility leaders, nominated by utilities executives, and vendor company leaders. Today, these to groups work together to influence and approve all Collaborative strategies and commission all deliverables.

Nominations, including self-nominations, are currently being accepted

Meet Our Executive Board

Meet Our Advisory Committee

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vanessa Edmonds
Co-founder, Executive Director & Board Chair

Vanessa is a regulated utility industry transformation evangelist who builds fresh strategies and methodologies for:

  • Collaborating with utilities to understand their unique needs;
  • Creating problem-solving forums where utility professionals can meet with each other and solution providers with compelling offerings; and
  • Commissioning, creating, co-creating, crowdsourcing, and disseminating thought-leadership content.

She co-founded the Utility 2030 Collaborative as a sister company of Appos Advisors, a go-to-market firm for technology vendors that she founded and leads. At Appos, she helps client companies resonate with utilities by developing and refining go-to-market approaches, marketing, and sales strategies, and assets.

Vanessa also serves as the executive director of the Utility 2030 Collaborative. She is deeply committed to building and supporting a “for utilities, by utilities organization” with the largest database (blueprint) of crowdsourced and co-created utility transformation resources.

Christina Corcoran

Christina Corcoran
COO & Advisory Committee Chair

Christina is a successful and dedicated utility and energy leader who develops:

  • Operations strategies and processes that align people, processes, and deliverables;
  • Marketing and sales strategies and assets; and
  • Successful programs and events.

She serves as the COO of the Utility 2030 Collaborative and Chairperson of our Advisory Committee. Moreover, she is a partner and advisor at Appos Advisors, a go-to-market firm for B2B companies in regulated industries. Appos is the sister company of the Utility 2030 Collaborative.

Christina is also a Board Member for Energy Marketing Conferences, an event company that attracts more than 600 deregulated energy professionals and vendor sponsors.

She was a ground floor evangelist for the Utility 2030 Collaborative and has been committed to building its’ membership and programs for long-term success since it was founded.