Focus Group: If Amazon Was a Utility – How It Would Transform its’ CX?

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Focus Group: If Amazon Was a Utility – How It Would Transform its’ CX?

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If you could take all restrictions and challenges away from utilities and build from scratch, what would utility customer experience look like?

The likes of Amazon, Uber, and Netflix transformed the customer experience in their industries. How would they transform the utility customer experience? Would they get rid of the call center? Would they implement a subscription model? Would they offer significant discounts for allowing them to take control of your usage and your data? Would they augment traditional revenues through a comprehensive offering of value-added products and services?

Gen Z utility customers will have grown up with digital everything at their fingertips and expect great experiences with companies they deal with, or they will take their business elsewhere.  So, we have to think if Amazon or Uber were a utility, what would they do to transform the customer experience and change the mindset from ratepayer to customer and prosumer?  

Led by utilities for utilities.

Why Participate

  • Discuss with other utilities their Customer Journeys/CX Programs and what they look like, and what has worked and what hasn’t. 
  • Take a look at Amazon, Netflix, and Uber customer journeys and see what we can learn from them as best practices for the utility industry that are PUC compliant.
  • Listen to how other utilities are combining customer communications, interactions, and sentiment to prioritize and accelerate their digital journey.
  • Build a CX Journey model for utilities as a best practice with Gen Z in mind.  This will go into the U2030 CX playbook for moving in the direction of the “Amazon Experience” through CX toolbox items that include data, strategies, best practices, industry standards, customer journey maps, technology roadmaps, technology vendor capabilities, and more.


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