COP26 with highlights (and the lowlights) from the day’s discussions


As you know, the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (#COP26) starts on the evening of October 31st and runs through November 12th, 2021. Utility 2030 Collaborative along with platinum sponsor Customized Energy Solutions and The Energy Mix will come together each day of the COP26 with highlights (and the lowlights) from the day’s discussions.

While we will cover many different topics, our focus will be on how the framework, initiatives, and promises bear on the energy and utility industries in North America. Specifically:

Clean energy initiatives and ideas

    • What do they mean for the utilities and the net-zero commitments from their state and local governments?
    • Studies and presentations that allow us to understand the financial impact to help us make the business case for clean energy investments.

How the fossil fuel industry is on the one hand, supporting clean economy initiatives, and at the same time fighting specific actions

Corporate and national inconsistencies: Promises vs. action

  • What are investors saying about fossil fuels and utilities compared to clean energy

Existential threats to utilities from climate change

    • Cost of energy production and distribution
    • The human and economic cost of disruption from climate change events to energy access
      • Floods, fires, pandemics (and locusts and horsemen to follow)
      • Disaster Recovery

The huge promise of climate solutions

        • A transition that makes sense for utility businesses
        • A matter of opportunity and gain, not loss and pain
        • Trendlines visible in Glasgow that has a bearing on future opportunities for utilities
        • The importance of connecting innovation and technology with communities and customer experience

Mitchell Beer, Founder, The Energy Mix will be sharing a daily summary of COP highlights and lowlights.  Beer is the publisher of The Energy Mix, a (usually) thrice-weekly e-digest on climate change, energy, and the shift off carbon.

Moderated by

Week 1:  Christina Corcoran, Advisory Committee Chair, Utility 2030 Collaborative

Week 2:  Param Kumar, Customized Energy Solution

Daily Video Podcast Coverage starting November 1st

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Day 1 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix.  #COP26 discussion on #coal phaseout, #renewable power, show “direction of travel” for U.S. #utilities

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Day 2 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix, and Param Kumar, Customized Energy Solutions.  #COP26 discussion of #methane gas emissions reduction by 30% by 2030, Biden leaves out #coal from his #EPA plan for the U.S. and the #GreenGrid Initiative and what that means for the world. 

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Day 3 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions.  #COP26 today is #FinanceDay (otherwise known as #netzero day). Over $130 trillion of private finance from more than 450 institutions in 45 countries all are committed to the science-based net-zero targets and near-term milestones, through the #GlasgowFinancialAlliance (GFANZ) for Net-Zero. It remains to be seen how banks, pension funds, and other institutions will actually keep their promises and it begins with phasing out #fossilfuel investments.

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Day 4 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions#COP26 today is #EnergyDay and the big news is 1.8 Celsius down from 2.7 that scientists were warning us about our future before the conference. IF everyone means what they say and keeps their promises it could happen. For US #utilities that begins with steering the ship to an all #renewable #grid.

#energy #utilities #utilityofthefuture #renewables #greenenergy

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Day 5 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix.  #COP26 discussion.  Friday was the end of the first week of #cop26 and the talk was about #oceans and #youthempowerment. The youth of the world are starting to be heard about the global #climateemergency and feel empowered to take action.

Oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface and are the driver to the global weather systems & climate that anyone planning #utility #infrastructureinvestment should want to know the ocean ecosystems are stable and healthy and they’re not.

The quote of the day “The ocean ecosystems are like a forest fire that has gone out of control.”

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Day 6 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell Beer, The Energy Mix, and Param Kumar, Customized Energy Solutions.  #COP26 discussion. Today is the day about “Loss and Damage”. The small countries that are devastated by weather phenomena due to #climatechange are waiting for action and demanding results. But if countries like the UK can’t even mention #energy and #fossilfuels it’s going to be a long road.

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Day 7 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions.  #COP26 discussions. 

Day 7 of #cop26, we have a question from Matthew Chester Energy Central asked us a question, “What do you think is going to be the resounding lasting message from COP26 when we look back on it months, even years from now? Will, it stand out as the landmark it needs to be, or will it end up grouped in with all the other conferences taking place without concrete progress coming from them?”

As negotiations continue, It’s too soon to say what and how much will come out of this conference. A lot of continuing discussions of loss & damage. Action and real momentum are needed, not just talk and real funding, not just promises, are really being seen as the bottom line of success for this conference.

#Article6 is still under negotiations – if all goes well it frees up billions/trillions $ for climate action by setting the rules for int’l carbon creating marketing if it fails it will trigger massive market carbon offsets that will amount to greenwashing fossil fuels emissions. Business groups want this done, communities are suspicious that a lang grab will happen. All science says it has to be all of the above for 75% methane reduction, reality says 45-50% worldwide by 2030.

So the end-of-stage negotiations have to focus on different financing mechanisms on communities on the front line reminding COP26 that if it doesn’t address the communities that rely on fossil fuels to make sure they aren’t left behind. And The “non-paper” they published over the weekend was a disappointment. It is a bullet list and omits the words “#energy“, “#renewable“, “#fossil” or “#fuels“. There is obviously an outrage over that, and hopefully, the UK Presidency, which has significant leeway in the draft of this and final documents will heed that.

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Day 8 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions. Day 8 #COP26 although today was #transportation day and had some good outcomes with the #aviationindustry agreeing to reduce emissions 2-3% …today had some moments of drama today as the biggest historic carbon polluter (#USA) and the biggest annual emitter of carbon (#China) had a joint action declaration to help get the climate emergency under control in the 2020s. The declaration included #methane controls. #grid decarbonization, circular economy measures, a crackdown on #deforestation and specific language on #renewable grid, long-distance #transmission, #energyefficency, #distributedgeneration, and more. This shows us that the #uschina can work together on climate even if they disagree on a host of other topics.

Also today there were a lot of F words from “Fossil Fuel (Ph)asing” out…the final draft of papers were published today and the front page shows that all parties agree to phase out coal and fossil fuels. Its a start for the “direction of travel”.

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Day 9 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions.

Day 9 saw the formal launch of the #BeyondOilAndGasAlliance which is led by Costa Rica & Denmark and includes #California as an associate member (must demonstrate an oil & gas phase-out).

Interesting fact Wales is part of the new alliance but not the UK or US and the UK just approved a new coal mine.

Message to those planning long-term #fossilfuel investments…think twice. Watch the deeper dive to learn more.

Also due overnight is the new draft of the Conference Declaration and with a lot of decisions still to be made and less than transparent commitments from different countries, we expect the conference to go past Friday night and into the weekend.

As we wind down, we want to acknowledge all of the members of The Energy Mix team helping us out each day to give you these daily updates.

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Day 10 of COP26 Highlights with Mitchell BeerThe Energy MixParam Kumar, and Customized Energy Solutions.  

With #COP26 ending this weekend, we have a lot of promises, side deals, and hope along with the next generation’s voice being heard.  Also the final agreement to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the mention of #fossilfuel as the biggest cause of the #climateemergency in the final Declaration. But it also came with some failures including financial support for the #lossanddamage for vulnerable countries

#COP27 less than a year away maybe then we can get the deeper carbon cuts for 1.5-degree Celsius future.