Innovating in Regulated Environment Safely

Creating Safe Spaces for Innovating within the Utility Enterprise

Regulated utilities are in the business of playing it safe, and for good reasons. The services they offer—electricity, natural gas, and water—are non-negotiables in North America. If not handled correctly, they can be lethal. As a result, regulatory bodies exist to ensure that they are offered to everyone—regardless of demographics and geographic location–in a manner that is secure, reliable, and affordable, with no threat to human life (utility table stakes).

What Utilities Can Learn from Public Health About Customer-Centricity

Customer-centricity is all about putting the needs of the customer at the forefront of business decisions, communications, and solutions. And Because advancing customer-centricity goals—at rocket speed—is a relatively new challenge for regulated utilities, there is a lot to be learned from other industries including public health (PH). First, let me start with the definition of public health.

Rebranded Publication: Stripping Back the Spin and Hype to Find Solutions

Let me introduce you to our reimagined, redesigned, and renamed monthly publication. But first, I should introduce myself: I am Vanessa Edmonds, the Utility 2030 Collaborative’s Executive Director. And at beginning with our December 2020 monthly publication, we will give you more rich and actionable insights—from a diverse group of thought-leaders—to help you build a …

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INTERVIEW: Removing Internal Roadblocks to Reach Customer-First Goals, Part 1

When we think about becoming a customer- and prospect-centric organization, what do we see at the end of the ‘customer-first’ rainbow? The marketing team ignites action and delivers quantifiable results. The sales team gets bigger commissions, because they are empowered to sell company and product value instead of price.