Complex Billing

Complexity in Billing Systems is About to Get Worse

Complexity in Billing Systems is About to Get Worse  The traditional CIS systems in the electricity and natural gas industries were never built to handle the complexities of the new technologies and evolving business models. As a result, in many utilities, complex billing is handled by dedicated, “special” billing departments–which is usually a busy team of people with hundreds of Excel …

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The Right People to Deliver a Successful CIS Implementation

The Right People to Deliver a Successful CIS Implementation As many utilities do, Citizens had a certain degree of uncertainty before starting the project in the following areas:  System implementation;  Digital transformation; and  Business process improvement across broad intervals of time and technological advances.   Citizens’ executive leadership recognized that their goal of a ‘successful project’ would require prudent unbiased guidance, …

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Where to Spend Infrastructure Stimulus Money

“Where is the money going to come from to make these investments?” is one of the key questions utilities are wrestling with. While the answer is complicated, some of the money may come from Biden’s new infrastructure stimulus plan. If it passes in Congress, the federal government will deliver a $2 trillion, eight-year, infrastructure modernization plan. Included in the plan are investments in the electric grid, food systems, urban infrastructure, community health and hospital, and transportation assets.

Protecting Customer Data from Growing Ransomware Threats

By definition, ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid (Oxford Languages). Many businesses, including utility companies, have been victimized by ransomware. In fact, 2020 saw the largest increase in global ransomware attacks to date. Specifically, published the estimated cost of ransomware attacks at:

COVID-19’s Profound Impact on Smart City Buildouts

In December of 2019, to write the article, “Partnerships and Connected Technology Vital to Smart City Buildouts”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Debra Lam, Managing Director of Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). We discussed its Georgia Smart Program (AKA: Georgia Smart) that was unveiled in 2018 with support from Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company.

Partnerships and Connected Technology Vital to Smart City Buildouts

If you ask people to define a smart city, you will learn that it means different things to different people and can vary from city to city and country to country. Regardless of individual definitions, one truth prevails: smart city projects are imperative to utility industry transformation, allowing utility companies to survive and thrive—all while maintaining safety—over the next ten years and beyond.