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From a Reactive to a Proactive Customer Experience

As a marketer I have scratched my head and pondered the concept of creating an all-encompassing customer journey. I have never found an easy way of continually monitoring all customer interactions to address issues or make changes to customer information and preferences. Most businesses have disparate systems, reports with conflicting information that must be manually manipulated, and business siloes where each cross-functional group typically has differing goals and objectives. And if that doesn’t make things fuzzy enough, we now have multiple contact channels….

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The Futurist

The Utility Regulator: Your Future BFF

In highly regulated industries, head butting between company leaders and regulators isn’t unusual. Afterall, regulators are the rule makers and enforcers–. Iif utilities mess up, they can hand down a variety of consequences that usually hit utilities where it hurts most, the bottom line.

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