The Right People to Deliver a Successful CIS Implementation

The Right People to Deliver a Successful CIS Implementation As many utilities do, Citizens had a certain degree of uncertainty before starting the project in the following areas:  System implementation;  Digital transformation; and  Business process improvement across broad intervals of time and technological advances.   Citizens’ executive leadership recognized that their goal of a ‘successful project’ would require prudent unbiased guidance, …

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Crowdsourcing Call: Elevator Pitches for Reducing Inbound Calls to Zero by 2030

The Utility 2030 Collaborative recently held its first meeting to discuss “Strategies for Reducing Inbound Customer Calls to Zero by 2030”.

The goal of the collaborative is to build a blueprint for the customer-centric utility of the future. With utility executive oversight, this includes creating four online playbooks—CX, Products and Services, Workforce Development, and Infrastructure Modernization—chalked full of resources to help with this endeavor.

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Identify Your CX “Darlings” by Taking This Survey

Kill your darlings,” a common piece of advice given to writers, is an exercise that involves eliminating unnecessary storylines, characters, sentences, etc., that aren’t best for the overall story.

When we apply this concept to utility CX modernization, the best way for you to identify and kill your darlings is to first pinpoint your objectives and goals. “What are we trying to achieve and why?” is the question you should ask. When you have a clear answer, it is infinitely easier to identify the best opportunities to your desired destination and eliminate attractive distractors that will likely turn out to be time and money wasters.

The Internet as the 4th Utility & Why You Should Care

What would our lives be like without water, gas, and electricity? With an unrelenting focus on safety and reliability, utility companies have made life without these core services almost impossible to imagine.

But what would life be like without the internet? Today, more 4.8 billion people use the internet. Just how pervasive has it become and what would life without it be like? Have we reached the point where the internet has become the fourth utility?

INTERVIEW: Removing Internal Roadblocks to Reach Customer-First Goals, Part 1

When we think about becoming a customer- and prospect-centric organization, what do we see at the end of the ‘customer-first’ rainbow? The marketing team ignites action and delivers quantifiable results. The sales team gets bigger commissions, because they are empowered to sell company and product value instead of price.