The Right People to Deliver a Successful CIS Implementation

Founded in Indianapolis, Indiana, Citizens Energy Group (Citizens) is a regulated utility company. It provides natural gas, water, steam, chilled water, and wastewater treatment services to over 439,800 homes and businesses.  It replaced its’ legacy CIS with a modern solution to better support and enable the company’s commitment to excellent customer service.  

As many utilities do, Citizens had a certain degree of uncertainty before starting the project in the following areas: 

  • System implementation; 

  • Digital transformation; and 

  • Business process improvement across broad intervals of time and technological advances.  

Citizens’ executive leadership recognized that their goal of a ‘successful project’ would require prudent unbiased guidance, leadership skills based on knowledge, and technical expertise beyond the capabilities of their internal staff resources. That’s when it engaged AAC Utility Partners first as their selection consultant and ultimately as their project manager throughout the implementation project, bringing the system online. 

The project was a big success. 

Citizens’ CIS transformation was grounded in a thorough analysis of business and operational objectives, which ultimately formed the foundation for project success. Capturing those objectives in explicit detail, the NavigateOne™ Scope of Work served as an integral tool for guiding the highly qualified and talented Citizens’ project team toward one set of goals with a common purpose. NavigateOne™ is AAC’s proprietary methodology.  As such, each decision throughout the process was thoughtful and carefully weighed against Citizens’ core insights that set the framework for the project from the onset.  

The once-in-a-career project was completed on time, under budget, and within the Citizens’-defined scope. Citizens did not experience a decline in customer service after go-live. They were able to accommodate a dramatic increase in phone calls and payment arrangement enrollment at the expiration of the utility moratorium on disconnects due to the Covid19 pandemic. The post-go-live results reflect operational metrics that meet or exceed desired goals. Citizens is very pleased with the system roll-out and ease of adaptability to the new functionality for both Citizens’ staff and the online community that it serves. 

For the complete case study, visit CEG White Paper (

Edwin Crow

Edwin Crow

Managing Partner, AAC

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