The Utility 2030 Collaborative recently held its first meeting to discuss “Strategies for Reducing Inbound Customer Calls to Zero by 2030”.

The goal of the collaborative is to build a blueprint for the customer-centric utility of the future. With utility executive oversight, this includes creating four online playbooks—CX, Products and Services, Workforce Development, and Infrastructure Modernization—chalked full of resources to help with this endeavor.

Our 3 C’s

Models for gathering these resources include:

  • Crowdsourcing
  • Co-creation
  • Curation

Crowdsourcing Request

The focus group, which is supporting the CX playbook, is being led by Katy Cook from Liberty Utilities, and Kristina McClenahan from Puget Sound Energy. Members of the group are discussing ways to redesign processes and customer journeys from the viewpoint of digitally native customers. As a starting point, they are employing crowdsourcing to gather examples of elevator pitches to convince the following stakeholder groups that zero calls are a great idea:

  • Internal leaders
  • Internal teams
  • Regulators
  • Utility customers

Please share your elevator pitches here, What is the elevator pitch for working towards a zero inbound calls for any or all of the following stakeholders: 1) Internal leaders; 2) Internal Teams; 3) Regulators; 4) Utility Customers? | Energy Central.

For those who missed the first focus group meeting, it’s not too late to join.

Why Participate

  • Learn about the best low-cost, low-touch, interwoven strategies for communicating with customers before they pick up the phone to reduce overall inbound calls and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Discuss modern best practices in customer journey mapping.
  • Consider technologies to predict customer behaviors build a CX maturity model with zero inbound calls as the goal.

Learn More

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