Identify Your CX “Darlings” by Taking This Survey

Kill your darlings,” a common piece of advice given to writers, is an exercise that involves eliminating unnecessary storylines, characters, sentences, etc., that aren’t best for the overall story.

When we apply this concept to utility CX modernization, the best way for you to identify and kill your darlings is to first pinpoint your objectives and goals. “What are we trying to achieve and why?” is the question you should ask. When you have a clear answer, it is infinitely easier to identify the best opportunities to your desired destination and eliminate attractive distractors that will likely turn out to be time and money wasters.

CX Incubator

A subgroup within the Utility 2030 Collaborative, the CX Incubator, is a perfect opportunity for utility leaders and teams to evaluate CX options and kill their darlings before they weigh your project down or squash it altogether.

The group is currently gathering responses to a CX Maturity Survey. In one question, respondents are asked, “Please rank each of the following enablers in terms of their importance to becoming a customer-centric utility?” Options include:

  • Cloud
  • Chatbots
  • RPA
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Customer Journey Orientation
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • 3rd Party Partners

Early Survey Results

Guess what the top ranked enabler is so far?  Analytics.  It seems your peers think analytics is going to be really important in their quest for customer-centricity and CX. In other words, it ain’t no darling!

Want to know what other utilities think are darlings you should kill? Participate in the survey.

Get Complete Survey Results

Utilities who participate in the CX Maturity Survey will learn:

  • Which enablers ranked second, third, and fourth
  • How utilities rate their current maturity in various areas of CX
  • Which investments your peer utilities plan to make in the near- and long-term
  • And so much more.

The survey closes on May 31, 2021, and only takes a few minutes, so don’t wait.


Go Deeper

Utility and vendors interested in learning more about the CX Incubator and participating in any of our four focus groups should email  Focus groups include:

  • Strategies for Reducing Inbound Customer Calls to Zero by 2030
  • How Amazon Would Transform CX if it Were a Utility
  • Listening & Learning – How to Build an Effective Voice of the Customer Program
  • Doing the Basics – Ensuring the Reliability in the New Energy Age

To learn more about the incubator and focus groups, watch this short video. Utility participation is free at this time, but a paid membership is required for vendors.


Just as writers’ darlings aren’t best for the overall story, CX darlings are a distraction from the most impactful enablers of objectives and goals. Participating in the survey and analyzing its results against your own plans is an easy way to compare notes and identify potential darlings that have been distracting you.

Utility 2030 Collaborative

Utility 2030 Collaborative

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