Rebranded Publication: Stripping Back the Spin and Hype to Find Solutions

Let me introduce you to our reimagined, redesigned, and renamed monthly publication. But first, I should introduce myself: I am Vanessa Edmonds, the Utility 2030 Collaborative’s Executive Director. And at beginning with our December 2020 monthly publication, we will give you more rich and actionable insights—from a diverse group of thought-leaders—to help you build a blueprint for the customer-centric utility of 2030.

To start, let me say that I am a passionate problem-solver. In the real world, an inability to solve problems can have dire consequences, with death being the worst-case scenario. For this reason, I often tell my children that problem-solving is the best survival skill a person can have: Take a breath. Break the problem down into manageable parts. Explore solutions. And never have too much pride to “phone a friend”; collaboration should always be part of the problem-solving process.

And never have too much pride to “phone a friend”; collaboration should always be part of the problem-solving process.

Right now, utility companies are facing a lot of “problems” (AKA: challenges). Sometimes they’re the kind of problems that, if left unsolved, could actually kill a person (which is why safety is first and foremost). In other cases, career death is a very real possibility. In a nutshell, unsolved or under-solved problems hurt the people and the business in one way or another.

Lack of maturity in the area of customer centricity—not putting the evolving needs of customers and the forefront of business decisions to keep pace with what they want—is a problem facing nearly every utility in North America. Transforming into a customer-centric enterprise is no small feat because it involves embracing new technologies, processes, and programs—quickly.

Customer-Centricity: The Utility 2030 Collaborative’s Reason for Being

It is, however, being made easier by an extraordinary and growing membership of like-minded, passionate game changers and thought leaders who have joined the Utility 2030 Collaborative to develop a blueprint for the customer-centric utopia of 2030. They are providing leadership, direction, and solutions by continuing to ask the questions, ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ They are concerned about the consequences of not solving this problem, which includes a reduction in revenue and customer satisfaction, an increase in cost-to-service, and penalties from regulators for non-compliance.

We started the collaborative by scouring the continent for original thinkers and natural facilitators—people with a willingness to share and speak out, to strip back the spin and hype. Our goal was to uncover those truly being courageous enough to move the needle and willing to share their success with others. People who were not just committed to working in the business, but also on the business. Folks who harness unique strengths and talents in themselves and others for positive change. Individuals who have the capacity to gain a stronger foothold in the boardroom.

Finding Solutions in Fresh, New Ways

In a world full of imitation, replication, and the law of diminishing returns, the Utility 2030 Collaborative is finding solutions in fresh, new ways. Our work is well-planned, actionable, and imitable. Refreshing our publication, now called “Advanced Connections, is a reflection of that. It has been designed to rise above the noise of content overloading your inbox by making it deeply valuable for you professionally.

Each month, our members are contributing inspiration, research, leadership, coaching, and more each month. If the problem you need to solve is advancing as a leader and in customer-centricity, this publication is for you. Happy reading.

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