The “What” and the “How” of Offering Non-traditional Utility Products & Services

Customer centricity is critical to the transformation game but offering smooth self-service experience and pleasant interactions with the call center is no longer enough. To persevere when a growing number of competitors are fighting for utility customers, utility companies must go beyond offering reliable and safe electricity, natural gas, drinking water and wastewater services to meet other customer needs. This involves evolving business models to offer valuable non-traditional products, programs, and services, a topic that was discussed during part 1 of the utility 2030 Collaborative’s virtual roundtable discussion on new revenue streams, New Utility Models for Augmenting Shrinking Revenue.

Panelists included:

According to James Riley, session moderator, “Utilities are already looking to offset declining commodity revenues with value added products and services, while maintaining their status as trusted advisors to their customers. We dug into that during the session.” CLICK HERE to watch this session on-demand.

Because new offerings adds to the complexities of the utility/customer relationships, part 2, Technology Enablement for Value Added Products & Services, will be held on September 29, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST. It will feature a discussion around critical success factors including technology enablement from the following thought leaders:

  • Bashir Bseirani, Avertra
  • Chris Lefebvre, CRC Business Development
  • Brett Reynolds, First Energy
  • James Riley, Appos (moderator)
  • Mark Wilkinson, Ibex

According to Mark Wilkinson, Senior Vice President of Products for our discussion sponsor, Ibex, “​This two-part panel offers a great opportunity to hear the real world challenges about engaging utility customers about buying new products and services direct from the leaders who are innovating towards the modern utility CX.”

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