Building The Industry's First Collective Brain

Through a Unique Hybrid of Crowdsourcing, Co-Creation & Content Curation

Who We Are

Guided by a utility executive board and advisory committee, we are an active community of professionals working together to advance customer-centricity. Collaborating in new and practical ways, we are building The Collective Brain, an integrated workspace for accessing a blueprint for the customer-centric utility of the future.

Our membership body includes professionals from electricity, gas, water, and wastewater investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives. Members also include vendors and industry partners who are in the best position to help utilities reach their customer-centricity goals.

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Utility 2030 Meeting of the Collective Brain, August 28-29, 2022

Under the pressure of market shifts and changing regulatory requirements, customer-centricity must stay at the top of conversations among utility leaders.


The “U2030 Meeting of the Collective Brain”, August 28-29, 2022, in Beverly Hills, California, is an exceptional venue to have these discussions. Never interacted with U2030 before? Now is a perfect time to get started. 


When you register for the U2030 Meeting of the Collective Brain, you receive all premium membership benefits for 12-months along with a bundled pricing offer to attend the 2022 Digital + Cloud Summit hosted by Cloud for Utilities. 


Collective Brain Architecture

Learn more about The Collective Brain, our integrated workspace for accessing a blueprint for the customer-centric utility of the future. It includes AI powered tools and playbook resources, developed through crowdsourcing, co-creation, and content curation.  Playbooks include CX, Products & Services, Workforce Development, and Infrastructure Modernization. 

Our Utility Leaders


Utility company executives recognized for utility transformation leadership.


Emerging or growing utility leaders and platinum vendor members.

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